How Red Tag compares to your existing solution

Red Tag compares extremely favourably to any other retail security system. The most prevalent of which are Spider-Wraps, Safers and EAS Stickers.

EAS Sticker
  • Sticker can be pealed off in-store, Red Tag is locked in place
  • Box can be opened, Red Tag locks the disk in the box
  • Shrinkage dramatically increases
  • No benefit denial, a perfect product is stolen for resale. Red Tag locks case and disc for benefit denial if stolen
  • Not reusable, therefore more costly over time
  • You save up to 30% of shelf space compared to the use of safers
  • More depth of stock on display (= less out of stock situations) and more breadth is on offer
  • 15% less out of stock situations
  • Low labour costs
  • Very bulky, with poor instore handling
  • Takes up more shelf space then safer
  • Often makes reading of product details difficult
  • Reduces browsing
  • Poor instore appearance