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Features and Benefits

A security system that achieves positive point-of-sale:
  • Retailer can use EAS tag of choice
  • Secures tag in DVD case without damaging shrink wrap
  • Is easy to insert and remove so minimal impact on staff time
  • Tag locks case and disc for ‘benefit denial’ if stolen
  • Retains standard case size for optimum display space
  • No interference with shopper enjoyment, therefore browsing potential and impulse buying retained
  • Ease of purchase enhances sales flow
  • Level of security limits shrinkage and protects profit
  • Removable tag at checkout and reusable, so increasingly cost-effective over time
  • No additional cost in supply chain

A system that has no barriers to sales, very low security costs and an acceptable level of shrinkage – the optimum commercial outcome

Red Tag merchandising – the advantages:
  • Creates a dynamic selling environment
  • Gets your staff out in front of the customer instead of behind the counter
  • Optimizes display space
  • Retains packaging impact
  • Tags are fast and easy to use by staff
  • Can be used on both shrink wrapped and non-shrink wrapped product
  • Tamper evidence highly visible
  • Compatible with all EAS systems - AM, EM and RF
Red Tag – the cost benefits
  • Red Tags are reusable and have a long life
  • Red Tags are the most cost effective long term solution
  • No extra packaging-on costs
  • Inserting and removing the Red Tag is extremely fast and adds virtually no labour, time or space costs
Red Tag reduces shrinkage whilst maximising sales.

If you’re a retailer you’ll want to establish positive point-of-sale:

  • Attractive product displays
  • Ease of purchase
  • Difficult to steal

With a simple push, Red Tag locks the disc in place, clamps the box tightly shut, and carries your security tag, whilst removing all barriers to sale.

Red Tag Box

The Red Tag system is the real retail solution.