Red Tag Works How You Do.

The Red Tag system is compatible with all EAS systems, AM, EM, RF and RFID. RFID tags offer the opportunity for enhanced performance tags or ‘intelligent’ tags.

The new RFID Red Tag™ can give you complete item level control over your stock. A single tag incorporates RFID, EAS as well as physical security. Implementing the RFID system can reduced labour for re-stocking and improve inventory accuracy and, inventory management and while reducing out of stock situations and levels of stock holding.

The RFID Red Tags are removed at the point of sale, removing privacy and recycling issues.

Advantages of RFID Red Tag
  • No contact or even line-of-sight is needed to read data from a product that contains an RFID tag
  • RFID technology also works in rain, snow and other environments where bar code or optical scan technology would be useless
  • RFID tags can also be read in challenging circumstances at remarkable speeds, in most cases responding in less than 100 milliseconds
  • Item level RFID can maximise on-floor availability, eliminating misplaced items, which in turn reduces out of stocks and minimises replacement time
  • RFID Red Tags are removed at store checkouts, which removes the privacy issue and are recycled which is good for the environment, while providing a lower cost alternative then labels
  • The ability to reuse the RFID Red Tag many times gives improved economics and lower costs
  • The Red Tag element also provides physical security to Media Products, which allows retailers to merchandise live stock with confidence and maximise sales

The RFID tag can work with your EAS system providing intelligent item level control.