Multi Box

Multi Disc Box with RedTag

TV series and film compilations are premium products, deserving of shelf space. But their appearance, high value and desirability make them attractive targets for thieves, presenting retailers with operational and merchandising issues, resulting in reduced shelf space and promotional opportunities. The new Red Tag Multi Box is an effective merchandising solution to this problem.

The new Multi Box from Amaray is the first Red Tag case to take four discs, with the option of five and six discs if a tray is used. The Red Tag security has been improved with additional corner locks, giving 3 locking points, as well as secure overlapping side walls. This extra protection will keep your high value TV series and film collections even more secure, and still allow the retailer to stock and merchandise your TV series with confidence. Alternatives for retailers are actions that reduce sales and increase costs.

6 Disc Multi Box

The case is produced in a space efficient 15mm spine, with a Blu-Ray version complete with the Blu-Ray branding bar also available. Bespoke colours are also available on demand.

Blu-Ray Multi Box

Blu-Ray version also available

Multi Box Locking Device

Close-up of locking device