The ultimate in retail security for DVD and Games.

What is Red Tag? The ultimate in retail security for DVD, Blu-ray and Games.

Red Tag is a simple but strong red plastic security tag that is inserted into a premium products packaging.

It is available in the preferred security EAS formats (AM, RF and EM) by retailers and supermarkets across the UK.

For media disc products, Red Tag is effectively designed to clamp the box tightly shut so it cannot be opened unless excessive force is applied. When excessive force is applied, the box is deliberately designed to break with a loud cracking sound, alerting staff and surrounding shoppers. Breaking the box often includes damaging the disc. The Red Tag slides under the disc hub, locking the product in place whilst securing the case shut.

Red Tag increased media product sales between 15% and 40%. How? Because it encouraged impulse buying, increased back catalogue sales, allowed more product with a greater range to be displayed. Red Tag doesn't distort a products packaging. It ensures that the creative element in packaging design continues to promote consumer interaction which is often reduced with other security measures.

What is Red Tag
De Tagging Machine

Integrated detagger's allow for fast and efficient removal of the security tag, reducing queues at checkout.

Red Tag is designed to integrate with your existing technology thereby saving costs and wastage.

What is Red Tag